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8 pro tips for walking to lose weight

Lapis facial oil set realistic goals establish achievable goals for your walking routine such as a certain number of steps per day or a target distance to walk each week

Lapis facial oil interval training incorporate intervals of highintensity walking into your routine speed up for a minute or two then return to a moderate pace

Lapis facial oil mindful walking pay attention to your body and surroundings while walking focus on your posture breathing and the sensation of movement

Lapis facial oil add resistance use ankle weights hand weights or a weighted vest to add resistance to your walk this increases the intensity and helps build muscle

Lapis facial oil stay hydrated drink plenty of water before during and after your walks to stay hydrated proper hydration supports energy levels and metabolism helping you burn more calories

Lapis facial oil incorporate hills seek out hilly terrain or use incline settings on a treadmill to challenge yourself walking uphill engages more muscles

Lapis facial oil track your progress keep a record of your walking sessions including distance duration and intensity use a fitness tracker or app to monitor your progress over time

Lapis facial oil stay consistent consistency is key to success with any fitness routine aim to walk regularly ideally most days of the week even short walks can add up over time