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8 quick sandwiches to make for lunch

Chickpea salad sandwich lemony and vibrant this vegan chickpea salad sandwich is surprise tasty it has dill lemon and garlic like a tuna salad sandwich but with chickpeas for vegan protein and fiber crunchiness from celery learn more arrow

Caprese sandwich basil and thick crusty ciabatta make this caprese sandwich fresh and hearty sundried tomatoes provide flavor if you need to create the sandwich ahead of time toasted bread and basil leaves protect it from becoming soggy learn more arrow

This tuna salad tomato sandwich has 33 grams of protein a juicy tomato tops this proteinpacked delistyle tuna sandwich it makes one sandwich but you can double or double it if you want less sweetness dill pickle relish may be used instead of sweet learn more arrow

Avocado tomato chicken sandwich a nutritious creamy spread is created by mashing the avocado in this recipe for a chicken sandwich that is wholesome learn more arrow

Cucumber sandwich this creamy crisp cucumber sandwich is delicious and light the creamy cream cheeseyogurt spread pairs well with the crisp cucumber and the wholewheat breads heartiness holds everything together learn more arrow

Turkey cheese panini among all of the panini recipes that we have ever tasted this turkey panini is among the very finest the distinctive taste of this sandwich is mostly due to the use of basil pesto and sourdough bread learn more arrow

The best rotisserie chicken sandwich middle eastern muhammara roasted red peppers breadcrumbs walnuts and spices inspired this rotisserie chicken sandwich dressing we customized it by adding almonds learn more arrow

Cucumber sandwich with cotija lime this simple vegetarian cucumber sandwich is inspired by mexican street corn elote the filling is cucumber slices flavored with cotija cheese lime and cilantro instead of corn learn more arrow