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8 signs of gaslighting behaviour by john derric

Denial of reality gaslighters often deny events or facts that you clearly remember happening they might say things like that never occurred or youre imagining things

Diminishing your feelings gaslighters may trivialize your emotions or reactions making you feel like your feelings are unimportant or irrational

Selective amnesia gaslighters might selectively forget important events or conversations leaving you feeling confused or doubting your own memory

Countering gaslighters frequently counter your memories or perceptions with their own version of reality causing you to question your own recollection of events

Twisting the truth gaslighters often twist facts and manipulate situations to make themselves look innocent or to shift blame onto you

Withholding information gaslighters may withhold information from you keeping you in the dark about important matters and making you feel confused or uncertain

Projection gaslighters might project their own behaviors thoughts or feelings onto you accusing you of things they are actually doing

Isolation gaslighters often try to isolate their victims from friends family or other sources of support by cutting you off from outside perspectives