8 Skin-Cleansing Habits Derms Want You To Stop Doing - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 skincleansing habits derms want you to stop doing

Cleansing too often you may be tempted to wash your skin more regularly to get that impression of being completely clean if youre experiencing periods of acne or excessive oiliness

Applying too many actives at once when it comes to some skincare compounds its often not the case that more is better

Only cleansing once a day as you move throughout the day and come into contact with your face and other surfaces a thin coating of perspiration and debris accumulates on your skin

Using cleansers with abrasive physical exfoliants an essential element in any skincare regimen is exfoliation it aids in shedding dry skin cells to reveal more youthful radiant skin beneath

Washing your skin with a bar of soap your face which has more delicate skin cells that need a certain ph to avoid irritation is not the best place to wash with a bar of soap

Shying away from using oil you may be hesitant to use an actual oil on your face much less an oilbased skin cleanser if you have oily or acneprone skin

Not washing after being active you should wash your face again after working out even if you already did so in the morning

Forgetting to moisturize its crucial to moisturize your skin very immediately after cleansing since scrubbing can remove residue and oil from the skins surface leaving it tight and dry