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8 smallest vtwin engine motorcycles beginners will enjoy

Yamaha vstar 250 first on your list should be the yamaha vstar 250 if youre a beginner but dont want a single it is a small cruiser with a displacement of 249 cc weighing only 324 pounds with a low seat height of 27 inches

Hd street 500 the street 500 and 750 were designed with a worldwide market in mind particularly in southeast asia where these kinds of bikes are regarded as luxury vehicles

Suzuki vstrom 650 almost everyone will advise you against purchasing an adventure touring motorbike when youre just starting out since they need a chassis designed to support the rider

Moto guzzi v7 heres an interesting option for you if youd rather use your first motorcycle as a street bike than a cruiser the moto guzzi v7

Honda shadow since 1983 honda has marketed the shadow which has had numerous displacements the 745 cc shadow with the liquidcooled vtwin engine is the one that matters in this case

Suzuki boulevard c50t the boulevard is most known for its large 1800 cc model but its smaller sibling the c50t is a midsized vtwin with an 805 cc 50 cubic inch displacement with an incredibly flexible torque band

Kawasaki vulcan 900 classic even though the seat height is somewhat low the vulcan is one of the true heavyweights in our group at 620 lbs thus its not for the weakwilled among us

Ducati monster when the ducati monsters current model was introduced two years ago its weight was reduced and its engine was designed to produce more torque for city riding