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8 subtle signs you may be dealing with a sociopath and not know it

Superficial charm sociopaths are frequently experts at creating an air of superficial appeal captivating and enticing others with their charm and humor they have a way of making you feel like the center of their universe through captivating conversations

Lack of empathy a severe lack of empathy is one of the traits that characterize sociopathy sociopaths are incapable of truly understanding what other people are feeling or comprehending them

Manipulative behavior a crucial weapon in the sociopaths toolbox is manipulation they are adept at manipulating dialogue and circumstances to suit their needs frequently leaving others perplexed or emotionally spent

Pathological lying chronic liars who spun stories and fabrications with ease are frequently sociopaths they could tell lies about their background their achievements or even little details

Lack of remorse a sociopath never feels true regret for the suffering they inflict yet their acts frequently leave a path of hurt and devastation in their wake they could provide flimsy excuses or justifications but their statements are hollow

Shallow emotions even though sociopaths are adept at acting like others they typically have brief and shallow emotional experiences of their own they may exhibit extremes of rage happiness or grief

Impulsivity sociopaths frequently make snap judgments without thinking through the longterm effects of their actions seeking instant satisfaction above stability and security

Irresponsibility for sociopaths the ideals of reliability and responsibility are frequently alien they could stop fulfilling their responsibilities including taking care of their kids going to work or making ends meet