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8 superfood swaps to boost your favorite dishes

Quinoa for white rice enhance the nutritional profile of your meals by swapping white rice for proteinpacked quinoa adding fiber and essential amino acids to your favorite dishes arrow

Kale for lettuce elevate your salads and sandwiches with nutrientdense kale providing a boost of vitamins a c and k along with minerals like calcium and iron for a healthier option arrow

Sweet potatoes for white potatoes incorporate sweet potatoes into your recipes as a nutritious alternative to white potatoes offering more fiber vitamins and minerals including betacarotene for added antioxidant benefits arrow

Greek yogurt for sour cream opt for greek yogurt as a creamy substitute for sour cream in dips dressings and baked goods providing probiotics for gut health and protein to support muscle repair and growth arrow

Chia seeds for eggs replace eggs with chia seeds in baking recipes to boost omega3 fatty acids fiber and protein content while maintaining moisture and texture making it suitable for vegan and eggfree diets arrow

Cauliflower for pasta swap traditional pasta for cauliflower rice or cauliflowerbased pasta alternatives to reduce carb intake and increase vegetable servings offering a lighter and glutenfree option arrow

Avocado for butter substitute mashed avocado for butter in recipes like baked goods and creamy sauces to add hearthealthy fats vitamins and minerals while reducing saturated fat content arrow

Almond flour for allpurpose flour upgrade your baked goods by using almond flour instead of allpurpose flour providing more protein healthy fats and fiber while also being glutenfree for those with dietary restrictions arrow