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8 tall flowers that make a strong impact

Perennial hibiscus its 12inchwide crimson pink and white blossoms on towering stalks may dominate your yard it emerges slowly in spring but develops swiftly

Oriental lily oriental lilies provide a fragrant living screen these hardy plants grow 46 feet tall and have large red pink and white blooms massive elaborate cut flowers will make bouquets more dramatic and eyecatching

Joe pye weed attract butterflies to your garden with joe pye weed its a toughasnails native perennial that will quickly spring up in your garden in late summer the plant produces waves of nectarrich pink flowers that butterflies love

Delphinium delphiniums make beautiful cutflower bouquets this summer garden classic has tall brilliantly colored blue purple white and pink blooms the largest variety may grow 6 feet

Herbstonne blackeyed susan easycare resistant to heat and drought the blackeyed susan herbstonne will provide the rear of the border a pop of happy yellow color

Hollyhock lend a little cottage garden charm to your perennial border with hollyhock known for its tall spires of colorful blooms hollyhock is the perfect backoftheborder plant

Boltonia try edging your back fence with stunning boltonia this underused north american native plant looks like a 6foottall aster it puts on a big fall show when covered in starry white or pink flowers

Goatsbeard create color and interest in hardtolandscape shady spots with goatsbeard this fun plant looks like a giant astilbe with its finely divided foliage and earlysummer plumes of creamywhite flowers