8 Things To Know About Uconn Basketball Star Paige Bueckers Right Now - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 things to know about uconn basketball star paige bueckers right now

She racked up some impressive awards as only a freshman arrow

Injuries kept her off the court for a chunk of her college career arrow

She was once teammates with caitlin clark actually a few years ago bueckers and clark were teammates for a short while arrow

Bueckers uses her platform for advocacy during her award speech bueckers took the chance to support black athletes arrow

When the ncaa permitted studentathletes to profit from their name image and likeness nil in 2021 bueckers likely recognized an opportunity arrow

With over 22 million followers on instagram and tiktok combined bueckers could be one of the highestpaid college athletes arrow

She’s super close with her teammateson or off the court bueckers is all about her teammates arrow

The upcoming wnba draft will feature several big names but bueckers wont be among them yet arrow