8 Tips On How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster And Thicker - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 tips on how to make your hair grow faster and thicker

1 get frequent trims even though it might not make sense you need to get your hair cut regularly if you want long hair that is healthycutting your hair doesnt make it grow faster but it does get rid of split ends that break your hair learn more arrow

2 eat the right diet its not enough to just use hair products to get long strong hair what you eat also makes a difference you need to feed your hair from the inside to make it grow faster learn more arrow

3 add a hairhealthy vitamin to your am routine a supplement might significantly improve your nutritional status if your diet isnt providing enough of itseek for a multivitamin with the description for hair skin and nails learn more arrow

4 shampoo less and hydrate more the frequency of shampooing has an effect on the health of your hairhair may absorb its natural oils when shampooed just twice or three times each week learn more arrow

5 lay off the bleach even though platinum hair seems stylish switching from a deeper tint to light blonde may prevent you from having the longest hair possible when bleach causes damage to the hair cuticle learn more arrow

6 avoid excessive heat styling cease overdoing your hairstyles advises paves he advises lowering the heat and always wearing a heat protectant if you must use heat otherwise you run the danger of breaking and frizzing your hair learn more arrow

7 brush hair regularly while it may seem tempting to go to bed with unbrushed hair when youre exhausted brushing your hair for a few minutes before bed may be quite beneficial to the general health of your hair and scalp learn more arrow

8 sleep on a silk pillowcase it is feasible to have betterlooking hair overnight all you have to do is replace your pillowcase to enjoy the advantages of silk for your hairsilk is kinder to hair preventing breakage and knots learn more arrow