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8 trending medium layered haircuts with bangs

Wispy bangs with soft layers a delicate balance of wispy bangs and soft layers creates a charming and effortless look

Blunt bangs with textured layers for a bold statement pair blunt bangs with textured layers adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle

Sideswept bangs with choppy layers embrace a relaxed and edgy vibe with sideswept bangs complemented by choppy layers for a modern twist

Curtain bangs with feathered layers frame your face elegantly with curtain bangs enhanced by feathered layers for a graceful appearance

Micro bangs with razored layers make a daring statement with micro bangs paired with razored layers creating a dynamic and edgy style

Long bangs with faceframing layers opt for long bangs that blend seamlessly into faceframing layers offering versatility and sophistication

Baby bangs with shaggy layers experiment with a playful and youthful look by combining baby bangs with shaggy layers for a trendy outcome

Arched bangs with voluminous layers achieve a retroinspired aesthetic with arched bangs paired with voluminous layers adding flair and volume to your hair