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8 unique ice cream flavors you haven t tried yet

Alaska fireweed and honey ice cream in case you were unaware fireweed is a flower that is indigenous to north america canada and britain it is an excellent way to obtain vitamin a and c by harvesting arrow

Black sesame ice cream black sesame is a flavor that ice cream shops are employing more and more frequently this is a relatively new ice cream flavor from japan that uses sesame paste and sesame seeds to mix sweet and savory flavors arrow

Matcha ice cream matcha powder a type of green tea with added minerals and fiber that comes from asia is gaining popularity across the globe arrow

Blueberry basil ice cream this recipe offers a distinct take on traditional blueberry ice cream by including fresh basil which gives it a hint of spiciness to counterbalance the sweetness and sourness arrow

Spiced pumpkin ice cream pumpkins immediately conjure images of halloween and fall nevertheless summertime treats that dont require pumpkin are making a sneaky entrance arrow

Liquorice ice cream this ice cream with a licorice flavor will definitely sate your sweet tooth black ice cream is turning into a more and more appealing treat to taste as well as look at arrow

Blue moon ice cream the delectable distinctive flavor of blue moon ice cream is created with vanilla lemon and raspberry with blue food coloring it tastes like nothing else arrow

Lavender honey ice cream without a doubt we are coming up with novel ways to use natural ingredients like flowers and herbs in cooking arrow