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8 unique types of roses you are curious to explore

David austin roses these english roses are renowned for their oldworld charm combining the fragrance and form of antique roses with the repeat blooming and wide color range of modern roses

Knock out roses known for their exceptional disease resistance and continuous blooming knock out roses are a relatively lowmaintenance option

Climbing roses climbing roses are ideal for covering walls fences and trellises with stunning blooms varieties like ‘iceberg’ and ‘cecile brunner’ offer beautiful fragrant flowers

Floribunda roses these roses produce clusters of small to mediumsized flowers offering a profusion of color throughout the growing season

Tea roses classic tea roses such as ‘peace’ and ‘mister lincoln’ are known for their large highcentered blooms and strong fragrance

Shrub roses shrub roses like the ‘bonica’ and ‘graham thomas’ are versatile and hardy often used in mixed borders or as hedges

Miniature roses perfect for containers and small garden spaces miniature roses like ‘rainbow’s end’ and ‘baby boomer’ produce tiny perfectly formed blooms

Groundcover roses these roses such as ‘flower carpet’ and ‘drift’ series spread out to cover ground areas with lowgrowing foliage and blooms