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8 walmart brand products you should never buy

Great value toilet paper despite the low price it lacks durability and may end up costing more due to frequent replacements

Equate pregnancy tests inaccurate results have been reported leading to unnecessary stress and confusion for users

Parents choice infant formula concerns over quality and safety have been raised prompting many parents to opt for trusted brands

Sams choice bottled water tests have shown impurities and questionable taste making it less appealing than other brands

Mainstays cookware known for poor quality and durability issues investing in better cookware can save you from constant replacements

Ol roy dog food linked to health problems in pets opting for higherquality pet food is crucial for your furry friends wellbeing

Athletic works shoes lack adequate support and durability potentially leading to discomfort and quicker wear and tear

Spring valley supplements questions about ingredient quality and potency make these supplements a risky choice for healthconscious consumers