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8 ways to protect your roses against rose rosette disease

This is one of the best strategies to prevent rose rosette in your yard but you must be vigilant fortunately staying on top of it sometimes entails going outdoors and admiring your flowers thats fun 1 cut off and destroy any infected rose parts

If the sick section is taken off when symptoms develop 68 of roses are virusfree one year later finds a research delaying pruning for four to six weeks caused rose rosette symptoms in 72 of roses within a year 2 68 percent is a pretty decent percentage

Planting a live fence or tall plant border around roses may prevent rrd roses were planted within and outside a ring of tall ornamental grasses by university of tennessee extension researchers 3 ornamental grasses to the rescue

Growing miscanthus grass everywhere may be difficult but growing coneflowers yarrow russian sage and alyssum amid the roses offers numerous advantages beyond appearance 4 create mixed plantings around your roses

Roserosetteorg studies the disease and develops rrdresistant roses you may get plenty of useful information on their site 5 report your rose rosette cases to roserosetteorg

Grafting and pruners may propagate the rose rosette virus wipe pruners with 70 rubbing alcohol or spray them with lysol between roses overall thorough cleanliness between flowers is recommended 6 clean off your rose pruners between roses

Wind carries diseasespreading mites so utilizing leaf blowers around your roses may be spreading them instead of a leaf blower use a broom to clean your garden walkways 7 avoid leaf blowers

To make it harder for mites to migrate between rosebushes put roses further apart this should be enough reason to grow perennials around your roses 8 give your rosebushes some space