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8 wildest animals in the everglades

American alligator found in swampy areas and bodies of water like rivers and lakes alligators are common in the everglades with over 200000 present

West indian manatee often called sea cows these gentle giants graze on aquatic plants and can weigh up to 1000 pounds manatees surface for air every few minutes and are endangered species

Roseate spoonbill resembling flamingos but with spoonshaped bills these wading birds have varying shades of pink from their diet they roost in foliage along waters edge and use their wide bills

Whitetailed deer commonly seen at dawn and dusk whitetailed deer feed on aquatic plants along the shore they are prey for alligators bobcats and florida panthers

River otter known for their playfulness and adorable appearance river otters have long whiskers thick fur and webbed feet for swimming they are mostly nocturnal and elusive

American crocodile differentiated from alligators by their narrow snout crocodiles are less common in the everglades with only about 2000 present they feed at night on various prey

Dolphin dolphins are a delight to see during kayak tours or boat adventures they are often found swimming around the ten thousand islands and form lifelong friendships

Burmese python while burmese pythons are invasive and pose a threat to native species they are mostly nocturnal hunters they have caused a decline in mammal populations in the everglades