8 Winter Skin-Care Routine Essentials, According To Dermatologists - Martin Baker Orthodontist

8 winter skincare routine essentials according to dermatologists

Choose an oilbased moisturizer opt for moisturizers containing vitamins e c as they create a protective layer on your skin retaining more moisture learn more arrow

Select nonclogging oils not all oils are suitable for facial use look for oils labeled as nonclogging and ensure they are healthy for your skin learn more arrow

Bathe with lukewarm water hot showers strip away natural oils leading to dry skin use lukewarm water instead and limit the duration of your showers to prevent moisture loss learn more arrow

Protect your hands with gloves the skin on your hands is thin and lacks oil glands making it prone to dryness wear gloves especially in winter to reduce exposure and maintain moisture learn more arrow

Invest in a humidifier humidifiers add moisture to the air preventing skin from drying out use them at night when skin is more susceptible to dryness learn more arrow

Apply moisturizer immediately after washing ointments creams and lotions trap moisture in your skin apply moisturizer promptly after bathing or washing your face and hands to lock in moisture learn more arrow

Maintain a healthy diet and hydration incorporate omega3 fatty acids into your diet for healthy skin stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water keeping your skin moisturized from the inside out learn more arrow

Protect your lips use a moisturizing lip balm with sunscreen throughout the day to prevent dry chapped lips choose a lip balm that feels comfortable and provides adequate protection learn more arrow