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9 best healthy dip recipes for weight loss you must try

Weightlossfriendly dips the season of holi celebrations is upon us and if youre searching for some nutritious dips to go with your finger foods and snacks weve got you covered try these nine simple healthful dips that are great for losing weight as well

​yogurt and spring onion dip​ one of the simplest dips is created with whipped curd combined with oregano chili flakes spring onions garlic salt and pepper

Beetroot dip​ this dip which is made with cooked beetroot garlic ginger green chile and a little bit of bell pepper is ideal for using as a foundation for wraps and rolls

​avocado hummus avocado hummus which is prepared with ripe avocados combined with cooked chickpeas lime juice tahini lemon juice garlic salt and pepper adds the ideal touch of sweetness to your spicy appetizers

​carrot and garlic hummus cooked carrots are combined with roasted garlic ginger green chilies and a little amount of olive oil to make this highfiber dip

​​muhammara this dip pairs nicely with a variety of savory finger foods and is created with roasted bell pepper walnuts cumin powder red chili pepper cayenne pepper garlic olive oil and lemon juice

Chickpea hummus its the traditional hummus prepared with tahini olive oil lemon juice soaked and cooked chickpeas and other ingredients

Baba ghanoush​ baked eggplant olive oil lemon juice tahini and a variety of spices are needed to make baba ghanoush this dips smokey flavor makes it the ideal treat to have with chips and crackers

Spring onion and coriander dip​ chopped spring onions coriander leaves ginger garlic green chilli salt and a little amount of curd are used in this lowoil dip