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9 bizarre beers you never knew existed

Dogfish head birra etrusca bronze this unique and powerful beer is prepared with inspiration from ancient drinking cups discovered in 2800yearold etruscan tombs staying true to the ancient origins of beer

Oyster stout indeed oysters are used in the brewing of oyster stout which is done all over the world only oyster shells are added to the wort the prefermented green beer to create some of these rich creamy beers

Lindemans lambic because lambic beers are exclusive to a single location worldwide the belgian valley known as pajottenland they are genuinely unlike any other beer you have ever tasted

Brewmaster snake venom fortified beer this is a mix of strong beer and hard liquor and a rather stiff one at that with an abv of 675 by volume far higher than most whiskies vodkas and the like

Twisted pine ghost face killa with a modest 52 abv and light 15 ibus international bitterness units this beer might not be too alarming but its the spiciness that will stick with you

Wynkoop brewing rocky mountai n oyster stout i assume you are familiar with rocky mountain oysters theyre roasted testicles from bulls and they are added to the brew when making this beer

Smartmouth brewing saturday morning ipa have you ever wished there was a beer that had the same flavour as sweet cereal when you curl up in front of the tv on a saturday morning ideally not as you were most likely a child at the time

Moody tongue shaved black truffle pilsner this bottle of beer costs 120 so if youre welloff and have sophisticated tastes it could be a good fit for you truffles are used in its brewing as the name implies specifically black perigord truffles from western australia

Flanders red ale this beer style is very wacky as a matter of fact your initial impressions of the beer will probably be twofold either youll believe it tastes awful or youll still like it