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9 caribbean dishes that will brighten your day

Jerk chicken this iconic jamaican dish features chicken marinated in a flavorful blend of spices including scotch bonnet peppers allspice thyme and garlic then grilled to perfection

Rice and peas a staple in many caribbean countries rice and peas is made with rice cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with kidney beans onions garlic and thyme

Conch fritters popular in the bahamas and other caribbean islands conch fritters are made by mixing diced conch meat with a batter of flour eggs and seasonings then deepfrying until golden brown

Ackee and saltfish the national dish of jamaica ackee and saltfish is a savory breakfast dish made with salted codfish ackee fruit onions tomatoes and spices its typically served with fried dumplings

Callaloo similar to spinach callaloo is a leafy green vegetable that is popular in caribbean cuisine its often cooked down with onions garlic tomatoes and coconut milk to create a creamy and flavorful side dish or soup

Roti originating from trinidad and tobago roti is a type of flatbread that is typically filled with curried vegetables meat or seafood its a versatile and portable dish thats perfect for onthego eating or as a hearty meal

Bajan flying fish in barbados flying fish is a delicacy that is often breaded and fried until crispy its served with a side of spicy pepper sauce or coucou a dish made from cornmeal and okra for a delicious and satisfying meal

Cuban ropa vieja ropa vieja which translates to old clothes in spanish is a traditional cuban dish made with shredded beef bell peppers onions tomatoes and spices

Sancocho this hearty stew is popular throughout the caribbean and is made with a variety of meats such as chicken beef pork or seafood along with root vegetables like yams cassava and plantains