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9 collard greens recipes from spicy to smoky to creamy and beyond

Collard greens are a versatile ingredient that can breathe new life into classic dishes one creative way to enjoy collards is by stuffing them into egg rolls this fusion of chineseamerican and southern cuisines results stuff collards into egg rolls

Be sure to drain the collards well before layering them onto a tortilla along with plenty of cheese grill until golden brown for a tasty and satisfying meal green up a quesadilla

For a nutritious and colorful alternative to bread products use collard green leaves as wraps raw collard leaves are not only visually appealing but also packed with nutrients use collard leaves as wraps

Consider adding vidalia onions crispy bacon or cajun seasoning to enhance the southern flair serve with your favorite dippers like chips crackers or crunchy vegetables for a crowdpleasing appetizer mix up a creamy dip

Add a pop of color and flavor to stir fry dishes or curries by including collard greens these nutritious greens pair well with a variety of ingredients especially pork chicken tofu and coconut milk bring color to a stir fry or curry

Give traditional cabbage rolls a southern twist by using collard greens instead of cabbage fill the collard green leaves with your favorite filling such as ground beef and rice or pulled pork switch up your cabbage rolls

Add a southern flair to quiche by incorporating collard greens into the filling drain the collards well before mixing them with eggs and cheese for a flavorful quiche that works for any meal of the day bake a collard quiche

Creamed collards offer a delicious way to enjoy this nutritious green vegetable creamed collards are a great side dish option for those who may be hesitant to try collard greens on their own cream collards like spinach

Elevate a classic grilled cheese sandwich by adding collard greens to the mix the combination of gooey cheese buttery bread and spicy collards creates a harmonious blend of flavors and textures add soul to a grilled cheese