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9 common foods that can cause allergy

Milk allergy is most common in children but adults can also develop it symptoms can range from mild rash hives to severe anaphylaxis a lifethreatening reaction milk

Egg allergies are another common childhood allergy and some people outgrow it symptoms can include skin reactions nausea vomiting and wheezing eggs

Peanuts are a major food allergen and can cause severe reactions including anaphylaxis symptoms can appear within minutes of exposure and include trouble breathing swelling of the throat and a drop in blood pressure peanuts

Almonds walnuts cashews pecans and other tree nuts are allergens for many people symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be similar to peanut allergies tree nuts

Soy allergies are becoming more common especially in children symptoms can mimic milk allergies and include digestive issues skin problems and respiratory problems soy

Wheat allergy is less common than other food allergies but it can cause serious reactions people with celiac disease an autoimmune disorder  should also avoid wheat gluten symptoms can include digestive problems skin rash and fatigue wheat

Fish allergies can develop at any age and can cause mild to severe reactions symptoms can include hives nausea vomiting and trouble breathing fish

Shrimp crab lobster and clams are all common shellfish allergens  symptoms can be similar to fish allergies and can be severe shellfish

Sesame allergies are becoming more prevalent especially among adults in the middle east and asia symptoms can range from mild to severe and can be similar to peanut allergies sesame