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9 dog breeds that could break the bank in 2024

Afghan hounds known for their opulent coats need frequent brushing to maintain their hair in good condition afghan hound

These giant pups will win your heart with their kind disposition and enormous size saint bernard

Although they are known for their loving disposition and furrowed brows bulldogs may be costly to purchase and raise bulldog

Chow chows have lionlike features and are wellknown for their fluffy manes and independent personalities chow chow

Magnificent in every aspect these beings are primarily recognized for their enormous stature and gentle nature irish wolfhound

Talk about expressive eyes pushedin noses and adorable wrinkled features english bulldog

Friendly and exquisite in appearance cavalier king charles spaniels make wonderful companions cavalier king charles spaniel

These magnificent regal and watchful sentinels are wellknown for their enormous stature and sumptuous fur tibetan mastiff

Neapolitan mastiffs are known for their loose wrinkled skin and devoted disposition they are powerful yet kind dogs neapolitan mastiff