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Floral separator 9 dogs that get along with cats

Golden retrievers are known for their friendly and tolerant nature making them excellent companions for cats their gentle demeanor and sociable personality often allow them to form strong bonds with feline friends golden retriever floral separator

Labrador retrievers are friendly outgoing and adaptable dogs that tend to get along well with cats their easygoing nature and patient demeanor make them great companions for multipet households labrador retriever floral separator

Beagles are social and curious dogs that often enjoy the company of cats their friendly disposition and playful nature can make them good friends and companions for feline housemates beagle floral separator

Basset hounds are known for their gentle and laidback temperament which often allows them to coexist peacefully with cats their affectionate nature and lowkey personality make them ideal companions basset hound floral separator

Cavalier king charles spaniels are affectionate gentle and sociable dogs that typically get along well with cats their friendly demeanor and adaptable nature make them excellent companions for both humans and feline companions cavalier king charles spaniel floral separator

Pugs are playful affectionate and sociable dogs that often form strong bonds with cats their friendly and outgoing personality makes them wellsuited for multipet households where they can coexist harmoniously pug floral separator

Shih tzus are known for their friendly and affectionate nature which often extends to cats their gentle demeanor and playful personality make them good companions for feline housemates shih tzu floral separator

Maltese dogs are gentle affectionate and sociable pets that typically get along well with cats their small size and friendly disposition make them suitable companions for households with feline friends maltese floral separator

Border collies are intelligent energetic and trainable dogs that can coexist harmoniously with cats when properly socialized and trained their friendly demeanor and strong herding instincts border collie floral separator