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9 easy comfort food recipes to soothe your soul

Gnocchi tiny tasty and timeless gnocchi are the ultimate comfort meal they require some planning which is great for a few hours of relaxation making dinner for oneself is great

Lasagna when in doubt choose traditional lasagna combines doughy pasta hearty tomato sauce and melty cheese in a sumptuous dish that will transport you to the couch

Ramen japanese comfort dish ramen is hot in america its cheap and customizable but it takes time to master homemade ramen is timeconsuming but restorative

Instant pot polenta the time needed to stir polenta on the stovetop to prevent sticking and bubbling may not appeal to home chefs the answer use your favorite multicooker

Dumplings many civilizations and cuisines appreciate dumplings as comfort food dumplings filled with veggies meat or cheese are small bundles of loveā€”and we could all use more of that these days

Martha stewarts macaroni cheese no comfort food beats a bowl of gooey macaroni and cheese right martha stewarts macandcheese dish will lift your spirits today

Cacio e pepe because cacio e pepe is essentially adult white cheddar mac and cheese its no surprise that its our favorite comfort food for both dinner parties and easy weeknight meals

Chocolate peanut butter pudding pie without a chocolate pie or two no compilation of comfort food recipes would be complete and this one will taste like a hug inside a pie shell

Bread pudding with salted brown sugar sauce warm custardy bread pudding has a certain homey feel to it a rich buttery brioche or challah will go well with the sauces combination of sweet salty and caramelized flavors