9 Fancy Medium-Length Hairstyles For Women Over 60 - Martin Baker Orthodontist

9 fancy mediumlength hairstyles for women over 60

Soft layered lob this textured lob offers an ageless style blending playfulness with sophistication the layered cut adds volume and movement perfect for fine hair thats both low maintenance and impactful arrow

Silver angled bob make a statement with this sleek angled bob featuring striking silver color the clean lines and modern twist create a bold agedefying look thats easy to style yet sophisticated arrow

Shoulderlength balayage waves embrace romantic femininity with voluminous soft waves ideal for showcasing natural texture or adding thickness this hairstyle exudes elegance and charm arrow

Loose silver curls glamorous and luxurious these loose silver curls offer sophistication and fullness the dynamic color and curls combine for a headturning style that exudes confidence arrow

Piecey shoulderlength waves radiate a laidback vibe with sunkissed highlights and loose waves effortlessly chic this hairstyle enhances natural texture for an easygoing yet stylish look arrow

Balayage layers add dimension and depth with varied lengths and balayage highlights expertly cut layers create movement and lightness offering a youthful appearance with rich dimension arrow

Flowy beach waves capture timeless elegance with soft flowing waves perfect for slightly longer hair this classic look exudes grace and glamour with a touch of beachy charm arrow

Voluminous blowout frame your face with softness and movement with a voluminous blowout blended highlights and light layers add texture and contemporary flair to this fullbodied style arrow

Copper red loose curls energize your look with vibrant copper hues and loose curls this fun yet classic style offers a youthful twist with the rich color and natural fall creating a timeless appeal arrow