9 Foods That Never Bake In A Slow Cooker - Oasis Caribbean Restaurant

9 foods that never bake in a slow cooker

Rice overcooked rice can become starchy and gummy if using rice in a slow cooker add instant rice or wild rice towards the end of the cooking time

Pasta pasta can lose its shape and turn into a paste if cooked for too long add pasta towards the end of cooking or use recipes specifically designed for slow cookers

Bacon crispy foods like bacon cannot be achieved in a slow cooker and may result in an unappetizing mess

Alcohol alcohol may not cook off completely in a slow cooker leading to dishes that taste overly boozy

Dairy dairy products can curdle at warm temperatures leading to lumpy textures in dishes add dairy towards the end of cooking or use alternative methods

Frozen food frozen food can lower the temperature inside the slow cooker and throw off cooking times thaw food completely before adding it to the slow cooker

Beans some beans contain toxins that are not destroyed at the low temperatures of a slow cooker soak rinse and boil beans before adding them to a slow cooker

Green vegetables nonstarchy green vegetables can become mushy when cooked for too long in a slow cooker losing both texture and nutrients

Fresh herbs fresh herbs can lose their flavor and color when cooked for long periods add them towards the end of cooking or use dried herbs