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9 foods you can eat as much of as you want and not gain weight

Ninetyfive percent of a vegetable is water like celery that alone says a great deal in addition it has 10 of the daily required amount of vitamin c and fiber and calories you wonder one serving has not one not two celery

It is well recognized for the naturally occurring compound called sulforaphane which has anticancerous properties a superfood rich in vitamins a c e and k as well as minerals potassium broccoli

Just 41 calories and 3 g of protein may be found in 100 g of kale the best thing is that this specific vegetable is high in folic acid vitamins a e k and c kale

Recall my post about foods that are best eaten unpeeled cucumbers can be included on this list they are low in calories but heavy in potassium magnesium and vitamin k cucumber

How much nutrition could be in such a small unassuming lettuce infinite vitamin c thiamine iron folic acid and others are among them only 10–20 calories based on the type of lettuce lettuce

There are 25 calories in a serving of cauliflower these calories come with other health benefits that can only aid our bodies such fiber antioxidants vitamins c and k and phytochemical cauliflower

If a fruit with more antioxidants is what youre after then youve just discovered it berries blueberries in addition they have 6 of the daily required amount of fiber although only one cup has 67 calories blueberries

They strengthen our bodies with antioxidants and wake up our minds they also tighten tissues aid in healthy digestion and are high in vitamins c and e all of which contribute to our glowing skin raspberries

We get more vitamin c from a cup of strawberries which only has 68 calories than from an orange plus they provide us with polyphenols which are a kind of antioxidant that our bodies love strawberries