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9 hacks to increase your daily protein intake

Start your day with protein start your day with a highprotein breakfast to speed up your metabolism and satisfy your hunger until your next meal arrow

Snack on protein include highprotein snacks in your regular diet to stave off hunger pangs and avoid overindulging at meals arrow

Add protein to your coffee add a scoop of protein powder to your morning coffee to up the protein value without adding extra sugar or calories arrow

Sneak protein into smoothies add proteinrich foods to your smoothies such as greek yogurt protein powder nut butter or silken tofu arrow

Top your meals with protein top your meals with proteinrich toppings to boost their protein content and improve their flavor and texture arrow

Diy protein bars or bites simple items like oats protein powder nut butter and honey can be used to make your own protein bars or energy bites at home arrow

Include protein in every meal to make sure youre getting enough protein each day make it a habit to incorporate a source of protein with every meal arrow

Hydrate with protein drinks choose proteinrich drinks such as protein shakes smoothies or fortified plantbased milks to enhance your protein consumption while staying hydrated arrow

Prep proteinpacked snacks make proteinrich snacks in advance and separate them into individual containers so you have quick grabandgo options all week long arrow