9 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Every Occasion - Martin Baker Orthodontist

9 half up half down hairstyles for every occasion

High ponytail achieve beyonces iconic look by sectioning your hair and smoothing it with hairspray before tying the top half into a ponytail

Embrace texture kristen stewarts textured halfup halfdown style is perfect for dayold hair twist sections and pin them back adding a french braid for extra flair

Accessorize elevate a classic halfup style with a statement accessory like a bow recommended by stylist grenia for a chic touch

Holiday glam pull off a festive halfup look by securing the hair with a bow and adding soft waves with a curling iron

Classic with a twist create interest in straight hair with a subtle side part and add volume and length with curly extensions and hair gloss

Styled bun master the halfup bun with loose tendrils by sectioning off hair and twisting it around for a chic yet simple look

Natural curls kerry washingtons curly halfup halfdown style is effortless requiring just a simple pullback and twist to maintain shape and volume

Timeless box braids combine the classic halfup style with timeless box braids for a look thats both traditional and stylish as seen on laura harrier

Topsy tail trick elevate your halfup style with the topsy tail technique flipping your ponytail through a split section for a quick and stylish finish