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9 healthy and refreshing iced tea recipes to beat the summer heat

Chamomilestrawberryorange coldbrewed tea arrow this cool beverage gets its sweetness from fruit replace the strawberries with raspberries if youd like or add a sprig of lemon verbena to intensify the flavour of the citrus

Pomegranate and lime iced tea arrow remain calm and wear a pom this really refreshing iced tea will help you beat the heat

Classic sweet tea arrow this recipe is our favourite because its sweet without being overly sweet and has a strong tea flavour without being bitter

Lemonade iced tea arrow this cool beverage combines the two of my favourite summertime flavours iced tea and lemonade stir in some spiced dark rum or bourbon to make this into a cocktail

Mint tea arrow cold mint tea is a great way to round off a laidback dinner party on the back porch the perfect amount of sweetness and fresh spearmint are added to the green tea

Lemon verbena iced tea arrow verbena leaves give a strong lemon flavour to any beverage so try adding some herbal flare to your favourite sweet tea

Peach iced tea arrow for a sweet summertime drink with a hint of tartness mix canned peach nectar sugar and lime juice with freshly brewed or storebought tea

Marians iced tea arrow a southern classic doesnt have to be put out to pasture for the remainder of the season just because the kentucky derby is done

Mock tea sangría arrow at last a sangría that children can also relish its ruby red colour comes from grape juice lemon lime orange soft drink and puréed raspberries