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9 healthy chips for weight loss according to dietitians

Wilde protein chips wilde is one brand of tasty protein chips that you can eat when you want a snack that will please your taste buds and give you a protein boost

Lays poppables sea salt vinegar when you compare lays poppables salt and vinegar chips to regular salt and vinegar chips you get twice as many chips in a serving but they still taste great

Simply 7 lentil chips the simply 7 lentil chips with sea salt are made with lentil powder potato starch and sunflower oil they are a tasty lowcalorie treat that you can eat when you want something salty

Beanitos with sea salt because beans are used in the production of these nutritious chips those chips naturally include a certain amount of fibre not only do these chips have a delicious flavour but they also contain a lot of fibre

Quest chips nacho cheese quest tortilla style protein chips are a tasty snack thats also high in proteinthere isnt much sugar or carbs in these chips but they are high in protein

Siete sea salt grain free tortilla chips when it comes to salsa tortilla chips are the ideal accompaniment and these chips include a significant quantity of fibrethere are three grammes of fibre in siete chips

Brads crunchy kale original due to their low calorie count kale chips are ideal for weight reduction these chips provide 130 of your daily vitamin k 30 of your vitamin c and 15 of your vitamin a

Sun chips garden salsa the garden salsa sun chips are flores favourite they are very crunchy these chips are very tasty and only 140 calories they have 2 grammes of protein and 2 grammes of fibre

Harvest snaps crisps this healthy chip recipe is made from green peas and has 200 milligrammes of potassium per serve which is good for blood pressure it also has few calories no salt and a lot of fibre