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9 high fiber breakfast ideas to start your day right

Avocado toast with burrata elevate your morning toast with the indulgent creaminess of burrata cheese perfectly complementing the creamy texture of ripe avocado

Breakfast beans with microwavepoached egg enjoy a taste of costa rica with this hearty breakfast dish traditionally known as gallo pinto featuring the comforting combination of beans and rice topped with a delicately poached egg

Savory oatmeal with cheddar collards eggs give your oatmeal a savory twist by adding sharp cheddar cheese and nutritious collard greens topped with a runny egg for added protein and flavor

Potato hash with sausage fried egg utilize leftover cooked potatoes and peppers to create a quick and satisfying breakfast hash enhanced with savory sausage and a perfectly fried egg

Stovetop veggie frittata whip up a nutritious breakfast frittata using frozen vegetables for convenience providing a delicious way to start your day with a dose of veggies and protein

Chocolatebanana protein smoothie start your day with a proteinpacked smoothie featuring the rich flavors of chocolate and banana boosted by the addition of red lentils for an extra nutritional punch

Savory oatmeal with tomato sausage transform your oatmeal into a savory delight with the addition of flavorful sausage juicy tomatoes and aromatic herbs creating a hearty and satisfying breakfast option

Egg spinach cheddar breakfast sandwich whip up a quick and delicious breakfast sandwich filled with proteinrich eggs vibrant spinach and melty cheddar cheese perfect for a busy morning on the go

Green eggs chorizo tacos put a flavorful spin on breakfast tacos with green eggs spicy chorizo and a vibrant herb sauce providing a zesty and satisfying start to your day