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9 human foods you should never feed to birds

Chocolate while its common knowledge that dogs shouldnt eat chocolate its also crucial to remember that birds shouldnt consume this delicacy

Coffee make sure your bird stays far away from your cup of coffee the next time you sit down to enjoy it in the morning

Avocado allowing your feathered companions to consume avocado may seem like a great healthful treat but there are drawbacks

Sugar you should refrain from giving your birds any food that contains sugar in addition to chocolate

Bacon unbelievably if birds eat bacon its one of the deadliest foods ever

Salt although salt may appear relatively innocuous to humans birds cannot survive this seasoning

Dairy although its well known that kittens adore milk birds shouldnt eat any dairy products

Alcohol although it may seem apparent drinking alcohol harms many different kinds of animals including birds

Mushrooms although they may appear to be another nutritious meal to add to your birds diet owners should reconsider