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9 iconic hiphop and pop collaborations

Early 2000s pop superstar christina aguilera was rising many criticised her album stripped because its topics were so different from her first “dirrty” by christina aguilera feat redman

Nelly furtado recorded loose her third album with timbaland in 2006 on the smash tune “promiscuous” furtado and timbaland exchange lyrics like a chat between lovers “promiscuous” by nelly furtado feat timbaland

Justin timberlake met timbaland after going solo timberlake naturally enlisted timbaland for his third solo album the 2020 experience his first song “suit tie” features jayz “suit tie” by justin timberlake feat jay z

Rihanna and eminem collaborated again on “the monster” three years after “love the way you lie” eminem struggles with his inner voice and the beast of fame in the tune “the monster” by eminem feat rihanna

Fans of the fast furious movies were heartbroken when main actor paul walker died in a vehicle accident furious 7 was walkers farewell film therefore a song felt fitting “see you again” by wiz khalifa feat charlie puth

One with no doubt frontwoman gwen stefani may not have worked for eve fans with production from dr dre and scott storch “let me blow ya mind” became one of 2001s greatest duets “let me blow ya mind” by eve feat gwen stefani

Katy perry and snoop doggs 2010 song “california gurls” was a west coast classic perry and snoop say on the track that california ladies are the greatest in the nation “california gurls” by katy perry feat snoop dogg

The pussycat dolls released their first album pcd in 2005 ceelo green wrote and produced “don’t cha” with busta rhymes the gang taunts a man by comparing their hotness to his girlfriends “don’t cha” by the pųssycat dolls feat busta rhymes

Kanye wests 2005 sophomore album late registration was wellreceived his third song “heard ‘em say” features adam levine of maroon 5 “heard ‘em say” by kanye west feat adam levine