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9 incredible health benefits of bananas

1 may improve digestion the soluble and insoluble fibres found in bananas are vital to the health of the digestive system soluble fibres may lower cholesterol levels and aid in blood sugar regulation insoluble fibres have the ability to control intestinal motility and soften stools

2 helps to improve heart health a banana is a must for heart health rich in potassium minerals and electrolytes it supports the health of your heart bananas are low in sodium and high in potassium as a result it might also aid in defending your cardiovascular system from elevated blood pressure

3 helps to build lean muscles you may not have enough magnesium in your body if you frequently experience muscle soreness after working out muscle contraction and relaxation that promote lean muscle mass may be aided by a banana high in magnesium

4 supports bone health a prebiotic called fructooligosaccharides is found in bananas fructooligosaccharides aid in improving the bodys capacity for calcium absorption thus this probiotic might aid in enhancing your bodys bone health

5 helps muscles to recover after exercise potassium is abundant in bananas and aids in muscle recovery after exercise eating bananas after working out can help build muscle and increase your workout volume

6 helps to reduce bloating you feel uneasy when you are bloated you can combat gas and water retention in this situation by using bananas the stomachs bloatfighting bacteria may grow as a result because of its high potassium content it may also aid in reducing the amount of retained fluid in the body

7 helps to make you feel fuller you feel fuller for longer when eating unripe bananas it is abundant in resistant starch a particular kind of starch this starch aids in thwarting the digestive process it facilitates feeling fuller and stifling hunger you can blend other fruits and vegetables with the raw bananas to make a smoothie

8 may improve kidney health potassium which is abundant in bananas keeps your kidneys clear and healthy research indicates that individuals who consume bananas four to six times a week have an almost 50 lower risk of kidney disease than those who do not consume this fruit

9 helps to fight against anaemia bananas have a high folate content which makes them beneficial for people with anemia eating bananas every day may lessen the weariness and pallor brought on by anemia