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9 manners kids don’t learn anymore

Arrow handwritten thankyou notes handwritten thankyou notes are dying out in the age of texting and email putting your gratitude in writing is exceptional

Arrow holding the door for others it may seem obvious yet many youngsters and adults let the door smash in someones face

Arrow proper table manners i realize not all meals are formal but table etiquette like using utensils properly chewing with your lips closed and avoiding reaching across the table are still crucial

Arrow respecting elders hear me out on this difficult topic respecting elders doesnt imply mindlessly following or never challenging authority

Arrow asking permission kids are used to receiving what they want when they want it so requesting permission might seem odd

Arrow making eye contact nowadays everyone is on their phones making eye contact unpleasant but its essential to communication and connection

Arrow offering to help helping with chores like grocery shopping for an elderly neighbor or cleaning up after supper is appreciated

Arrow not interrupting sometimes we become enthusiastic and want to join into discussions but interrupting is disrespectful

Arrow giving firm handshakes however a confident handshake is still important its often your initial impression whether at a job interview or meeting your partners parents