9 Myths About Cats That Just Aren'T True - Martin Baker Orthodontist

9 myths about cats that just arent true

Cats steal a babys breath this myth suggests that cats are drawn to infants and will suffocate them by stealing their breath in reality cats are unlikely to do this and theres no evidence to support the idea

Cats hate water while many cats may not enjoy getting wet there are breeds like the turkish van and maine coon that actually like water additionally some cats can be trained to tolerate or even enjoy water

Cats should drink milk while cats may enjoy milk many adult cats are lactose intolerant and can experience digestive issues if they consume milk its better to provide them with fresh water instead

Cats are solitary animals while cats are often seen as independent animals they can form strong bonds with humans and other animals many cats enjoy companionship and can thrive in multicat households

Cats purr only when theyre happy while cats do often purr when theyre content they can also purr when theyre anxious in pain or seeking comfort

Cats always land on their feet while cats are known for their agility and ability to land on their feet they can still get injured if they fall from a great height or if they land awkwardly

Cats have nine lives this myth likely originated from the cats ability to survive falls and other accidents however cats have only one life like any other animal

Cats are nocturnal while cats are crepuscular meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk many cats adjust their activity patterns to match their owners schedules

Cats dont need regular veterinary care cats are masters at hiding signs of illness so regular checkups with a veterinarian are crucial for maintaining their health and catching any issues early