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9 nail designs which prove best way of simplicity

Simple clear nails achieving clear nails requires more than a simple top coat it involves buffing filing shaping and cuticle care for a perfect manicure arrow

Bubble bath nails bubble bath nails add a subtle pink twist to clear nails creating a fresh feminine look reminiscent of a warm bath arrow

Hint of sparkle elevate clear nails with a sheer layer of microfine glitter offering a subtle sparkle that can vary from rainbow hues to shimmering gold or silver arrow

Glitter and gemstones for a glamorous touch embellish clear nails with tiny gemstones and strategically placed glitter adding dimension and charm arrow

Delicate bows embrace the coquette aesthetic with a delicate clear nail manicure featuring thin white ribbon accents optionally adorned with a center gemstone arrow

Classic french manicure the classic french manicure remains timeless but modernize it by opting for a thin and delicate white line instead of a chunky one arrow

Tortie french manicure refresh the french manicure with a tortie design keeping the nails clear while adding marbled brown tones at the tips for a contemporary twist arrow

Glittery gold french mani explore a glittery gold variation of the french manicure featuring sparkling gilded tips and a matching halfmoon detail for a luxurious finish arrow

Little flowers embrace spring and summer vibes with clear nails adorned with tiny white flowers complemented by pastel shades of purple green and pink for a cheerful touch arrow