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9 netflix original movies actually worth watching

1 roma 2018 this awardwinning film follows a mexican housekeeper and is alfonso cuarĂ³ns autobiography anyone who wants netflixs top films should see roma one of the decades best

2 bird box 2018 sandra bullock appears in this novel adaption about a lady who must protect two children from demons who murder anybody who see them

3 to all the boys ive loved before 2018 the new young adult novel adaption of to all the boys ive loved before is a hit with comingofage romance fans lana condor plays bashful high schooler lara jean covey who sends secret messages to her crushes

4 the ballad of buster scruggs 2018 this western anthology starring tim blake nelson was written produced and directed by the coen brothers the film was nominated for best original song

5 okja 2017 this film about a girl who grows up with a genetically engineered pig was cowritten and directed by bong joonho who subsequently won multiple academy awards for parasite

6 marriage story 2019 noah baumbachs drama stars scarlett johansson and adam driver as divorced couple nicole brings her kid to los angeles to live with her mother after divorcing her husband

7 the irishman 2019 a 2004 factual book inspired this martin scorsese film starring robert de niro joe pesci and al pacino the film portrays a truck driver who becomes a mobsters hitman and works with jimmy hoffa

8 da 5 bloods 2020 this spike lee drama follows aged vietnam combat veterans who return to the area to discover their squad leaders remains and collect riches they stashed there years before

9 im thinking of ending things 2020 charlie kaufmans im thinking of ending things is mindbending a young lady meets her boyfriends parents in the film the film is worth watching for a long w moment