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9 of the healthiest foods to eat for breakfast

Eggs protein and nutrients are abundant in eggs they may make you feel full and reduce your calorie intake later

Greek yogurt greek yogurt is high in protein low in calories and contains guthealthy bacteria

Coffee caffeine in coffee makes you more alert and improves your mental and physical performance

Oatmeal betaglucan a fiber in oatmeal may decrease cholesterol and enhance satiety it has several vitamins and minerals

Chia seeds chia seeds have a lot of fiber which may help you feel full and less hungry

Berries fiberrich berries are low in calories they include antioxidants that may lower illness risk

Cottage cheese cottage cheese is high in protein which may alleviate appetite fresh fruit veggies seeds and granola top breakfasts

Whole grain toast toast made from whole wheat has a lot of nutrients you can also put a lot of different healthy spreads on top of it

Nuts nuts are a healthy filling food that may help lower your risk of heart disease and keep your brain healthy