9 One Pot Recipes For Quick And Delicious Dinners - Sebastian Cleaning Company

9 one pot recipes for quick and delicious dinners

One pot pasta primavera cook pasta vegetables and a light cream sauce together for a fresh and easy meal packed with flavor and nutrients

One pot chicken alfredo combine chicken pasta cream and cheese in a single pot for a creamy comforting dish thats quick to prepare

One pot mexican rice and beans mix rice beans tomatoes corn and spices in one pot for a hearty vegetarianfriendly meal thats bursting with mexican flavors

One pot beef stroganoff cook beef mushrooms onions and noodles in a rich creamy sauce for a satisfying and comforting dinner

One pot lemon garlic shrimp and rice sauté shrimp with garlic and lemon then add rice and broth for a zesty and refreshing onepot dish

One pot thai curry simmer chicken or tofu with vegetables coconut milk and thai curry paste for a spicy fragrant and easytomake dinner

One pot chicken and rice cook chicken thighs with rice vegetables and broth in one pot for a classic comforting and complete meal

One pot ratatouille combine a variety of colorful vegetables with tomatoes and herbs in one pot for a healthy vegetarianfriendly dinner

One pot quinoa and black bean chili mix quinoa black beans tomatoes and spices for a proteinpacked vegetarian chili thats perfect for a quick dinner