9 Prepper Items To Look For At The Goodwill Store - Sebastian Cleaning Company

9 prepper items to look for at the goodwill store

Backpacks and bags look for durable backpacks and bags to store and carry emergency supplies

Camping gear check for tents sleeping bags and camping stoves that can be used for outdoor survival

Cookware find cast iron pans pots and other durable cookware for cooking in emergencies

Blankets and sleeping bags stock up on warm blankets and sleeping bags for cold weather scenarios

First aid supplies look for first aid kits bandages and medical supplies to add to your emergency medical kit

Tools search for hand tools like hammers screwdrivers and multitools essential for repairs and building

Canning jars pick up canning jars and supplies for preserving food

Books and manuals find survival guides gardening books and other informative materials

Clothing look for durable weatherappropriate clothing including jackets boots and rain gear