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9 rare nickels hiding in plain sight coin hunters delight

Only five known specimens of the 1913 liberty head nickel exist making it one of the most famous and valuable coins in american numismatics learn more 1913 liberty head nickel arrow

The 1937d buffalo nickel with a missing front leg due to die polishing is a popular variety among collectors look for a clear absence of detail on the buffalos front leg to identify this rare coin learn more 1937d threelegged buffalo nickel arrow

The 1950ds overmintmark jefferson nickel is a transitional variety where the s mintmark was accidentally stamped over a d mintmark its a valuable and soughtafter coin for collectors learn more 1950ds overmintmark jefferson nickel arrow

This variety exhibits noticeable doubling on the obverse side particularly on the date and other lettering its a scarce variety that commands a premium among collectors learn more 1936d buffalo nickel with doubled die obverse arrow

The 19421d overdate jefferson nickel features a visible 2 over 1 in the date due to a repunched mintmark look for clear evidence of the overdate to identify this rare variety learn more 19421d overdate jefferson nickel arrow

The 1954s jefferson nickel with an s mintmark over a d mintmark is a rare overmintmark variety its highly sought after by collectors for its scarcity and distinctive appearance learn more 1954s s over d jefferson nickel arrow

The 1938ds buffalo nickel features a repunched mintmark where the d mintmark was stamped over an underlying s mintmark look for clear evidence of the overmintmark to identify this rare variety learn more 1938ds buffalo nickel arrow

The 19432p overdate jefferson nickel displays a clear 3 over 2 in the date due to a repunched mintmark its a valuable and soughtafter variety among collectors learn more 19432p overdate jefferson nickel arrow

Some 2005d jefferson nickels feature a die gouge that creates the illusion of a spear piercing the buffalos shoulder this variety is popular among collectors for its distinctive appearance learn more 2005d speared bison jefferson nickel arrow