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9 recipes for authentic mexican food

Slowcooker barbacoa uncover the secret to restaurantquality barbacoa a tender beef roast simmered in lime juice chipotle and cumin serve over cilantro rice for a hearty meal with a zesty twist

Mexican street corn elote elevate your corn on the cob game with elote grilled in husks and slathered with a mayo sour cream cilantro and lime mixture then dusted with chili powder and cotija cheese for a flavorful kick

Posole add some crunch to your posole with shredded cabbage chopped green onions and crushed tortilla chips for a creamy texture dollop with sour cream plus enjoy leftovers for up to five days by refrigerating once cooled

Conchas learn the art of making conchas sweet bread also known as mexican pan dulce try our recipe for these chocolate streuseltopped pastries perfect for breakfast or snacking

Chicken flautas satisfy your cravings with flautas filled with chopped green chiles chicken salsa and cheddar cheese pair them with mexican rice refried beans or mexican street corn for a complete meal

Sopes dive into this common mexican street food featuring a fried masa base topped with refried beans meat and cheese customize with your favorite toppings like lettuce crumbled queso fresco pico de gallo sour cream or avocado slices

Fresas con crema enjoy a refreshing mexicanstyle berries and cream dessert with this fresas con crema recipe perfect for strawberry season it features media crema or creme fraiche for richness

Pressurecooker beef carnitas whip up flavorful beef carnitas in just 40 minutes using your instant pot serve in tacos burritos or with a side of rice and beans for a satisfying meal

Pico de gallo elevate your tortilla chip game with homemade pico de gallo bursting with fresh flavors let chopped onions tomatoes cilantro and jalapenos marinate in their juices for an hour or two before serving