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Floral pattern floral pattern 9 recipes for bar cookies you can make to feed a crowd

Floral pattern floral pattern you ll never have to say goodbye to summer with these tahini s mores blondies and this isn t your average blondie batter tahini is added for a smooth yet rich and nutty flavor that pairs so well with the graham cracker chocolate and toasted marshmallow notes tahini s mores blondies

Floral pattern floral pattern there are few combinations more delicious than chocolate and hazelnut these blondie bars have rich swirls of chocolate hazelnut spread and are topped with a generous amount of chopped hazelnuts that add the perfect crunch to every bite hazelnut swirl blondies

Floral pattern floral pattern if you love a lemon bar you re going to fall hard for these lemonpistachio beauties not only are they elegant and unique but they re also incredibly easy to make did we mention they re also glutenfree lemonpistachio bars

Floral pattern floral pattern craving something tropical these tangy and sweet coconutlime bars are just the thing to whip up your family and friends will be blown away by your homemade lime curd and after you learn how to make it once you can try making some with other citrus fruits coconutlime crumble bars

Floral pattern floral pattern while these would be a perfect dessert after thanksgiving dinner why limit yourself to enjoying them only once a year you can think of these bars as a mini pumpkin pie with sweet and salty caramel sprinkled with toasted coconut pumpkin caramel bars with toasted coconut

Floral pattern floral pattern making a homemade cheesecake is the ultimate labor of love but did you know there s an easier way cheesecake bars don t require a springform pan or a water bath and this specific recipe is absolutely divine creamy cheesecake with spiced pumpkin swirls pumpkin swirl cheesecake bars

Floral pattern floral pattern ten minutes seven ingredients one delicious jamfilled dessert fruity crumb bars are a classic and this raspberryalmond combination will quickly become a family favorite after you make this recipe try some variations with different types of jams and nuts raspberryalmond crumb bars

Floral pattern floral pattern do you have a sweet tooth are you often indecisive about what type of dessert to have well it s possible to have it all because these dessert bars are packed with flavor youll find saltiness from buttery crackers and nuts sweetness from chocolate chips salty toffee coffee bars

Floral pattern floral pattern we love these oatmeal bars because they re more of a guide than a recipe in other words feel free to play around with the ingredients and add a little more or less depending on your preference enjoy these as breakfast a snack or dessert makeahead oatmeal peanut butter bars