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9 recipes to make in a 4quart slow cooker

1 slowcooker meatball sandwiches prepare delicious meatball sandwiches by slowcooking the meatballs and loading them into hoagie buns topped with provolone and pepperoncini for a simple yet satisfying meal

2 quinoa granola offering a healthy and tasty snack option this quinoa granola is loved by kids and adults alike making it a perfect goto recipe for a quick and nutritious treat

3 chickpea potato curry enjoy the flavors of classic indian chickpea curry with this slowcooker version featuring a rich sauce enhanced by browning onions ginger and garlic for a truly delicious dish

4 lamb and white bean chili elevate your chili game with this lamb and white bean chili infused with moroccan seasoning garnished with feta and almonds for an exciting twist on a classic comfort food favorite

5 garlic green beans with gorgonzola upgrade your green bean side dish with a touch of white wine fresh thyme and gorgonzola cheese for a flavorful and easytomake accompaniment thats sure to please the whole family

6 mediterranean chicken orzo indulge in the bright flavors of mediterranean cuisine with this orzo pasta dish featuring chicken olives and herbes de provence perfect for a satisfying and flavorful meal

7 country ribs dinner experience the comfort of slowcooked ribs accompanied by carrots celery onions and red potatoes with the option to add a kick of spice with a sprinkle of cayenne for extra flavor

8 carrot cake oatmeal start your day right with this warm breakfast cereal made in the slow cooker featuring the flavors of carrot cake and topped with ground walnuts or pecans for added crunch and nutrition

9 sausage spanish rice perfect for busy schedules this hearty slowcooker recipe combines sausage and spanish rice for a flavorful main course or side dish option thats easy to prepare and enjoy