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9 refreshing mojito recipes for summer

Jalapeño mango frozen mojito spice up your summer with this unique twist on the classic mojito  this recipe uses a chili powder rim and blends fresh mango with jalapeño for a sweet and spicy explosion

Sandia mojito watermelon mojito cool down with this refreshing watermelon mojito it uses muddled watermelon for a delicious natural sweetness and a vibrant pink color

Vero beach mojito this sophisticated take on the mojito features muddled blackberries and mint bulleit rye bourbon for a smoky twist and housemade ginger syrup for an extra kick

The midnight mojito indulge in a luxurious and mysterious cocktail with dark rum egg white and angostura bitters this recipe is perfect for a sultry summer night

Strawberrylime mojito add a burst of fresh summer berries to your mojito with this recipe muddle fresh strawberries with mint and lime juice for a delightful and colorful drink

Watermelon mojito another version this recipe uses a combination of fresh watermelon puree and rum for a potent and flavorful mojito garnish with a watermelon wedge for a fun presentation

Basil mojito for a unique and refreshing twist try a basil mojito  this recipe uses muddled basil and cucumber slices for a cool and herbaceous flavor

Blackberry mojito blackberries add a touch of sweetness and tartness to this refreshing summer drink muddle blackberries with mint and lime juice for a delightful base

Blue mojito add a touch of magic to your mojito with blue curaçao this recipe creates a stunning blue cocktail thats perfect for a poolside party