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9 school activities that are too risky according to parents today

Although safe and physical tag and chase activities may be children stumbling and falling can cause collision injuries tag and chase

Dodgeball opponents say the games competitiveness and pitting children against instructors promote violence their biggest complaint dodgeball

Tree climbing may give youngsters exercise and outdoor discovery but parents may worry about falls and branches breaking or getting caught climbing trees

Field trips may be difficult to organize find a teacher who will remain late to take pupils on an expedition field trips

Due to rope burn physical strain and falling over if you lose balance or grip tugofwar is risky many institutions have abandoned the game due to concerns over participant harm tug of war

Parent and instructor concerns regarding chemical safety are common spills burns and hazardous exposure are issues working with chemicals

Another exciting approach for kids is playground equipment however it can cause falls trapping due to its size and being hit by another player playground equipment

Even though swimming is important parents may worry about drowning accidents and water safety instructors not supervising sufficiently swimming

Trafficrelated incidents motor vehicle collisions absence of bike lanes and helmet use may deter parents from letting their children ride bikes to school or engage in bike safety programs bicycle riding