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9 scrumptious quesadillas which are calling name

Quesadillas poblano poblano chiles are mild and hearty making them a stellar quesadilla ingredient in this recipe the green vegetable is paired with onion pinto beans and shredded monterey jack cheese for a tasty yet simple quesadilla that comes together in just 30 minutes

Applecheddar quesadillas if you ve ever snacked on apple slices with some cheddar cheese this sweet and savory quesadilla is the one for you here thin slices of sweettart apple rest on a bed of melty cheddar cheese but the real mvp is the dollop of tangy honey mustard

Cheeseburger quesadillas with romaine wedge salad though you likely won t find this quesadilla variation on a menu in mexico we promise it s worth making at home at least once this kidfriendly dish includes ground sirloin ketchup mustard mayonnaise pickle chips and plenty of shredded cheese

Reuben quesadillas for further proof that you can transform just about anything into a quesadilla look no further than this recipe here thousand island dressing corned beef a heap of sauerkraut and shredded swiss cheese join forces to create a meal that doesn t disappoint

Grilled chicken and spinach quesadillas some people don t love grilled chicken because it often isn t the most flavorful thing to eat however if you stick the lean protein in a quesadilla you may be pleasantly surprised in this recipe grilled chicken is joined by fresh spinach and monterey jack cheese

Quesadilla breakfast tacos part taco part quesadilla it doesn t get much better than this loaded breakfast that s ready in 15 minutes each serving includes plenty of scrambled eggs shredded cheddar cheese and a topping of greek yogurt fresh cherry tomatoes and cilantro

Sweet corn and goat cheese quesadillas what separates a good quesadilla from a great quesadilla is balance here sweet corn kernels are paired with creamy tangy goat cheese you ll also find diced zucchini fresh basil leaves and pungent scallions that add plenty of flavor

Spinach pie quesadilla if you re a fan of spanakopita you re going to love this savory quesadilla a tortilla takes the place of phyllo dough but those beloved greek flavors remain thanks to thyme greek yogurt and crumbled feta cheese we love whipping this up for a healthy proteinpacked breakfast

Shrimp quesadilla chicken and beef are two of the most popular quesadilla fillings but if you re not also making shrimp quesadillas you re missing out in this recipe shrimp are joined by peppers onions and melty monterey jack cheese and the shrimp and veggies